The Ascendant Entrepreneur Podcast – Guest Instructions

Thanks for booking in to be a guest on The Ascendant Entrepreneur!

A few technical points:

1. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection. The interview will be recorded as a video, which will be published for online viewing, as well as converted to audio for the podcast. For this reason, please check that you have a stable connection to support video over Zoom. 

2. You can use Zoom from a web browser, though I personally think it runs more smoothly over the Zoom app. This is free to download here. If you can’t use Zoom for whatever reason, please email me at least one week in advance so that we can choose an alternative (such as FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts). 

3. Audio quality is very important, so please choose a good microphone (your inbuilt computer microphone is not good). At a minimum, please use an Apple/Android ear buds, but ideally a microphone like this. Try to find a quiet location for the interview. 

4. Your laptop / computer webcam will be perfect for the video. Please consider lighting and whether your face is in a shadow. We are all much more interested in what you have to talk about than what you look like, but if you want a few tips on looking your best on video conferencing, you can check out this article.  

5. Please complete this form which will provide me with the discussion points to cover off in your interview. 

6. Please email a high resolution photo of yourself, which will be used in promotions for your episode.