The Ascendant Entrepreneur Podcast

The Ascendant Entrepreneur Podcast with AJ Rollsy

Three times every week, AJ brings you invaluable content to help you grow your business.

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Every Monday: Ascendant Entrepreneurs in Action

On this episode entrepreneurial business owners share their biggest challenges, showcase their successes, and find answers to their toughest questions. Listen in as AJ works directly with the entrepreneur to unveil their best path forward. You’ll have a chance to learn from their business experiences and even call in with your own thoughts or suggestions!

If you’d like to ask a question or provide a comment, click the “message” button on this page. Or, click here to apply to be a guest on Ascendant Entrepreneurs in Action (gaining exposure for your business and receiving some free coaching from AJ in the process).


Every Wednesday: CORE Marketing Mastery 

On this episode you’ll learn from world-class experts in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship as AJ pushes for every bit of value they have to offer. These are money-can’t-buy thought leaders from AJ’s personal contact list, and they’re here to help you grow your business.

AJ interprets up-to-the-minute findings from business leaders, marketing theorists, and behavioral scientists, and translates these groundbreaking discoveries into instantly useful concepts to hack your entrepreneurial life. You’ll come to really know your team, your customer, and the right path to propel your business forward.


Every Friday: The Innovation Engine Room 

Join AJ on this episode where you’ll learn ways to maximize your productivity, creativity and resourcefulness as AJ and his guests showcase new platforms, technology and tools that can help you become an Ascendant Entrepreneur. Most guests on this show want to give extra value to fans of the show, so listen up if you like getting a deal on the best business tools.

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