Let's Make the Most of This Tough Situation

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It looks as though COVID-19 will continue to have a terrible impact on the world. I hope that even if it effects your business, that you’ll personally stay clear and in good health. I obviously hope the scientists and experts around the world find the best way to respond. 

I’m reminded of something that a brilliant medical researcher once said to me, in relation to another disease, chronic obesity:

“I’d like to tell all of these people living with this disease: it’s not their fault. Even still, it is their responsibility.” 

 What he was referring to was that sometimes the only thing within our control is our response. In our discussion, he was talking about the physiology that led these people to have obesity. They didn’t ask to be born with certain epigenetics and other physiological factors, or for that matter non-physiological factors such as geography of where they live or their socioeconomic status. They certainly didn’t ask for the stigma and sense of shame so often associated with this disease (incidentally, it really is a disease). However, as this professor correctly identified, they can and should choose how to move forward with managing their disease as part of their general health.

Of course, this philosophy extends to everything in life. We can’t always control factors outside of our reach, but we can choose the path that we take in response.

I’m certainly not making light of the enormous pressure that a small business owner feels when they are blind-sided by a significant event, such as COVID-19, and all the unexpected changes these can bring into a business. That is all very real, very distracting, and has very real power to rob you of your joy and peace of mind.

While I’m not making light of it, I do want to encourage you that you do still possess a lot of power and control. You have the power to focus on whatever you want to. You have the power to be thankful for those good things that remain in your life and in your business. You have the power to decide to act purposefully and with intent. Just as that professor said of the people living with a disease: it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

I sometimes contrast the two differing mental states of the Drowning Entrepreneur and the Ascendant Entrepreneur.

The Drowning Entrepreneur is perpetually in a reactive effect state. They are always on the back foot, waiting for the next thing to come them, and responding as best they can. The Ascendant Entrepreneur realizes that when something unexpected hits, it temporarily places them in a reactive state. But, they determine to quickly move back to a cause state. This means they develop a plan to act decisively and regain control. They decide to take actions that they know will produce certain results. They decide to cause results.

I firmly believe moving back to a cause state starts with mental focus. You can choose to be thankful, to be optimistic, and to be resourceful. Once you’ve disciplined your mental position, you can work on a plan of action to respond practically.

Once you’re ready to plot you plan of action, I’d love to help in any way that I can. If your business has been impacted by COVID-19, I’d like to make my suite of resources available to you at no cost.

For example, my primary marketing and tactical philosophy is called the CORE™ Marketing Method. I’ve used the same fundamentals in this program to launch and grow brands from zero to over a billion dollars in annual revenue, and they work in any business.

The CORE™ Marketing Method includes training for optimal small business marketing. It offers guidance on how to reduce risk, to set powerful goals, and to attract more and better customers with brilliant tactical executions. You’re also importantly left with a business operational planner that tells you what to do each week as an Ascendant Entrepreneur, with specific actions that relate to your business and your identified goals.

It also comes with a genuinely wonderful community of other small business entrepreneurs. Myself, and a group of experts who I invite in to offer advice, often jump into this community to make some remarks or provide feedback.

I’ve always tried to price my programs affordably for the people I want to serve. When colleagues would ask me to sit down and provide advice to their friends or family about growing their business, I would always tell them: “I won’t need payment, but they can buy me a coffee.” So, when I decided to take this program to the general public, I priced it at exactly one latte per day from my favorite coffee shop: $4.50 ($1640 annually). So far, I’ve only had feedback that people feel this price is too low.

This course and program would make sense for most business owners who are impacted by COVID-19. I’m happy to provide this to you for free, with one request: you return the favor to someone else who needs it from your own business. Maybe a supplier needs a your help with paying an account sooner. Maybe an employee needs some flexibility. Maybe your client needs an extra week to pay the bill. You know your business, and your own capacity to help out in some way that makes sense. I trust that’s what you’ll do, as it’s exactly what an Ascendant Entrepreneur would do 😉 .

Sound like you? Please contact me here to be part of the new intake at the end of next week. In the comments field, just type “FREE ENROLLMENT” and let me know a little about your business. Please note that I cap the number of enrollments each intake, but if we fill up, I’ll set up another intake two weeks later.

Also, I recently offered a group some FREE 40 minute coaching calls. These are to answer whatever question you may have. There are some spots still available, so click here if you want to book a time to chat with me in person (I love chatting business with you, honestly).

Finally, remember that your business is in service to you, not the other way around. It’s a vehicle to take you where you want to be in life. In all probability, there are more precious things to you than your business, so it’s my prayer that both you and them are kept safe and happy during these tough times.

Hang in there, Entrepreneur!