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  • 2.5 hours of instantly useful training in small business marketing.
  • your CORE Marketing Field Guide that applies directly to your business.
  • advice from an expert panel covering everything from tax to financing to outsourcing to digital marketing.
  • networking with other purpose driven business owners in your city.
  • EARLY ACCESS to VIP tickets (limited to 6 per city)
  • FREE copy of my new book “The Drowning Entrepreneur”

Hi Business Owner!

It’s AJ here.

Thanks so much for looking further at what this is all about.

I am reaching out because I need to hear from a more diverse group of entrepreneurs (more women in business, more ages, races and different walk of life). Thanks for responding to the call!

Lately, I’ve been so encouraged to hear how the CORE Marketing Method has already helped entrepreneurs just like you to dramatically grow their business. In the past, I’ve only deployed this system to businesses who’ve been personally referred to me, or for large corporations who’ve paid at least $250,000 to bring me in to help grow their brands (in some cases, from zero to over a billion dollars in revenue).

For the first time ever, I’m now releasing the CORE Marketing Method to help business owners, start up founders and entrepreneurs to reduce risk, dramatically grow a business, and become happier people in the process.

Now, I’m getting ready for a 52 city tour of the US, where we will get you started on the biggest step yet in your entrepreneurial journey.

But this where I need YOUR HELP.

I’m already selling out local events around the country, which is great. But what I don’t love is the lack of diversity in the room. Too few dynamic female business owners, too few different races and cultures represented. Too few age brackets. This means the events won’t be as impactful as they could be (as the events are practical and interactive). In my corporate life, I’ve seen this lack of diversity limit the potential of amazing businesses, and I simply refuse to allow that to happen here. Small business and entrepreneurship is a much more authentic meritocracy, meaning good ideas get much more chance to shine.

So, I’ve asked my team to find ways to reach out to groups especially for the purpose of building more variation in the room. I can’t wait to encourage more voices to be heard, and I’m hoping this applies to you. So, I’ve tried to make this as attractive and as simple as possible by offering an ALLVOICES $1 ticket (rather than the normal $60 ticket price).

When you’re ready, click the GET MY TICKET button on this page to find your city and reserve your spot. If you have colleagues and friends who this might apply to, please share the link and let them access the $1 ticket too.

I have a dream to see business owners like you to succeed, to help themselves and their families, benefit their communities, and make a positive impact in their world. To this end I have a personal goal:

To find 1,000 entrepreneurs who are ready to unlock at least $1,000,000 in untapped, high profit revenue in their business, to live a higher impact and happier entrepreneurial life.


Because 1,000 million-dollar entrepreneurs have the power to make a meaningful and lasting impact for good in their lives and in the world. At these events, I’ll explain how thriving small businesses have already changed the shape of communities around the world, and how this same purpose can transform you into your happiest, most motivated and fulfilling self. 


By applying a proven methodology, that is straightforward to learn and apply, you can reduce risk in your business and follow a step-wise journey toward your biggest goals. Relying on empirical evidence and fully tested practical marketing steps, you can feel confident that each day in your business is moving you closer to your goals.

At the 2.5 hour event, you will hear from me, and from a panel of subject-matter experts. You’ll work directly on your own business and have a chance to ask questions to the panel.

This is NOT a slimy sales pitch. You’ll actually walk away with a game plan and immediate steps to start the very next day. These are the same steps I’ve given to marketing professionals and start up founders to drive millions (and even billions) in annual sales. And, they can work in any size business.


The tour starts in early March and will run through until late May. Each event* will start at 6:30pm sharp and finishes at 9pm in the evening. Don’t rush off though, there’s a chance to network after the event.

(*Please note: Dallas, San Jose and Colorado Springs are day events running from 12:00-2:30pm)

Buy your special ALLVOICES $1 ticket, and you’ll also get access to a free 5-module mini-course that explains fundamental principlesthat wii instantly impact your business . You get access to hours of video content and downloadable templates, right now.


Check below for your city.

If your city isn’t listed below, click the button anyway and let me know where you are. We are looking to add more cities.

UPDATE: We are securing larger venues in SOUL OUT cities, so buy your ticket now! Also, we heard you Oakland CA, and we’ve added you in the list 😉

The venue will be a centrally located hotel meeting space, and I’ll send the address details in a follow-up email.

How Much?

These meetings will cost the public $60 for a standard ticket. However, I really want the you to be there, and I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

So, all you need to do to reserve your seat (before they go on public sale) is to buy a special  $1 ticket.

I’ve also reserved a VIP ticket for those of you who are further along in business (or more truly motivated) than the rest of the crowd. These tickets will include a personal catch up with me over a meal, with a chance for us to dive deeper into your business. If this sounds like you, keep a look out for an invitation to upgrade your ticket. These will sell out and I can’t guarantee availability in every city.

This event isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready to boldly conquer 2020 and grow your business, come along. I can’t wait to meet you.

This may be the most important couple of hours in your entrepreneurial life.


DISCLAIMER: success in business is determined by multiple factors, not limited to but including the skill and ability of the business owner, market events, legal and compliance issues, among many other factors. Examples, case studies, and hypothetical illustrations shown on this website or any related material may not be typical or reflective of your own experience, and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of any particular outcome. As with anything of value, most success in business will require hard work, some talent in the business owner, a good product, and a customer base that is willing to pay. Please don’t expect anything that I have to offer to be a replacement for those essential elements.

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