Nir Eyal: “Be Indistractable”

It wasn’t the first time my producer Ben and I had met up with best selling author, Nir Eyal. Back in March, we had caught him in a Salt Lake City hotel to discuss his brilliant book Hooked: How To Build Habit Forming Products (I’ll repost that interview here in the coming days, in case you missed it).

This time, though, our meeting was closer to home. In fact, it was *exactly* at home for Nir, as he invited us into the NYC apartment that he shares with his wife, Julie, and their 11 year old daughter (the Eyals have called Manhattan home since Nir finished up teaching at Stanford Graduate School of Business). Nir’s wife and daughter play an important part in his newest book Indistractable: How To Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. It was this latest work that we were there to discuss.

In many ways, Nir’s family are at the heart of why he spent the last five years researching the evidence for how to avoid distraction and choose where to pay time and attention. In our chat, Nir explains how an encounter with his daughter led him on a journey to better understand the psychology and mechanics of distraction, and the proven ways to achieve the opposite in life. And here’s a surprise: the opposite of distraction is not really focus … watch the recording of our conversation to see who and what an Indistractable person really is (and how you can be Indistractable, too).

UPDATE! Nir was good enough to personally sign a couple copies of his book for me, and I’m happy to pass these on to you. Subscribe to my newsletter, and I’ll choose two lucky folks to get a copy!

Nir describes the ideas behind INDISTRACTABLE (25min)
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